1.6M People
US Total Prison Population
as of 2014
4.7M People
US Total Community Corrections Population
as of 2014
2.2M People
US Total Incarcerated Population
as of 2014
609.9B USD
US Annual Military Expenditure (in 2014 Dollars)
as of 2013
3.9M People
US Probation Population
as of 2014
856,900 People
US Parole Population
as of 2014
3.9 per 100,000 people
Annual Homicide Rate in New York City (Running 12-Month Total)
as of 2017
406.35 ppm
Atmospheric CO2 Concentration (Weekly)
as of 2017
Monthly Homicides in Boston
as of 2017
Yearly Homicides in Boston (Rolling 12-Month Total)
as of 2017
13.3T USD
United States Households; Owners' Equity in Real Estate, Level (Not Seasonally Adjusted)
as of 2016
14.3T USD
United States Mortgage Debt Outstanding, All holders (Not Seasonally Adjusted)
as of 2016
26.9T USD
Value of US Housing Market
as of 2015
22.3M People
United States Total Government Employees (Seasonally Adjusted)
as of 2017
71.8 %
Labor Force Participation Rate, Men 20 Years and Over
as of 2017